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Question - What does the code PO137 O2 Sensor Circuit Low Volts mean. Find the answer to this and other Car questions on JustAnswer.

Got a code PO137 on 99 S10 2.2l, does it refer to o2 sensor before or after catalytic converter? Thanks

po137/po157 codes no activity ... P0137 / P0157-Oxygen O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 2) refers to the second oxygen sensor on Bank 1.

I get code PO137 ... Why has gas mileage has dropped from 21 to 15 run great and air filter is clean

What causes code PO137, PO 157? What will cause PO137, PO157, PO171 on a 99 silverado? The po171 will appear when i give it a lot of throttle (system too lean.)

99Vette: PO157 and PO137 Codes/Blinking LED/whining steering C5 Tech


Subaru Impreza WRX STI Forums: IWSTI.com gt; IWSTI Engine amp; Drivetrain gt; ECU Tuning amp; Performance Electronics gt; engine light on, code PO137 02 sensor circuit low ...

I just used my superchips to tell me what my check engine light was. It says it was PO137, O2 sensor 1/2 circuit low. Has anyone dealt with this? From

3G Dodge RAM - General Talk ... I have been code free for a while and this morning I had a PO137 come up, I reset it ... no one? seriously? well I took my o2 wire off ...

Just trying to find out if anyone has experienced getting PO131, PO137, PO151, PO157 codes??? I get all four which refer to all four O2 sensors

My check engine light is on and my OBD2 reader shows a PO137 (02 Circuit Low Voltage Bank 1, Sensor 2). Any ideas on what ...

New Beetle HELP OBDII Codes PO137 and PO411 - VW Beetle forum. Discuss tuning, photos, specifications, problems, modifications, repairs, tech tips, engines.

P1117, P1121, Po131, Po151, Po137, Po157 ... I am using OBD-2 software which only has VW-Audi level codes beyond standard OBD2 codes.

I'm getting a code po137 o2 sensor low voltage (bank 1 sensor 2) is this the 1,3,5 ... Bank 1 is 1,3,5. the rear sensor is correct ... Thank You

Codes po155 and po137 Maintenance ... 73-87 Gm Truck Forum Ford Expedition Forum Chevy Equinox Forum Chevy Cruze Forum

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